ARK - Survival Evolved: Dino-Game now in German and with further new features  


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buy Ark Season Pass CDK It seems anyway that one is not born pirate but that one becomes it with the wire of the sword. A sword precisely it will take several hours to craft one. It will first start with a loincloth because a hacker besides the fact that it is not very exciting it can especially become seriously ill given the temperatures at sea. In a traditional pirate video game one would expect to own a boat quickly sail to conquer a hostile sea before going to have a drink at the local tavern. That was at least the Sea of ​​Thieves guideline. In Atlas it's the opposite. The boat ? It will be necessary to craft it from nothing. The sea ? It will tame die start again and try again and again. The Tavern? Never seen. Atlas is intended for players who at first glance especially like to collect resources and craft objects. Surviving is the key element of the Wildcard Studio's games and the game does not budge between ARK and Atlas. It will therefore be necessary to tap on trees to collect materials that will eventually allow to shape some clothes and thus prevent our character from dying cold despite the ambient heat. Everything is a matter of survival since it will also be necessary to think of feeding by hunting chickens without forgetting of course to cook his food through a fire that will also be created from scratch before firing ( at the fire yes yes) with wood found everywhere around. Tedious complicated at times Atlas gives no explanation on the sequence of mechanics leaving the player in a total blur. Some will appreciate but given that the promise of such a title does not lie in its ability to smoke the player in a fog of mechanics it seems unfortunate to discourage newcomers without offering a progression slightly accompanied by indications.

When ARK - Survival Evolved (App Store Link) was released on the App Store last June the adventure made it into Apple's own "Our New Favorite Games" list. The title was developed by Studio Wildcard and War Drum Studios and can be downloaded for free on iPhones and iPads. Before the installation it should be noted that at least an iPhone 7 an iPad Mini 4 or a 5th generation iPad is present - on older devices can not play the new release. Also needed to set up is 1.8GB of free space and iOS 9.0 or later.

Announced in early December to Games Awards with output initially scheduled on 13 of the same month Atlas the new project Studio Wildcard and its subsidiary Grapeshot Games ARK creators: Survival Evolved will sail in troubled waters for a few weeks before find a lighter pace. Sold as a huge MMORPG where pirates attack dragons jumping boats with horses Atlas seems to be actually a different game ...

The mobile version of ARK is a survival experience in a very sprawling online world populated not only by potential game partners but also by dinosaurs and other deadly prehistoric beings. Even before the official launch in the App Store ARK was released in August 2017 for the PC the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also Steam version is available.

45,000 square kilometers of land more Ark Accountsthan 700 locations and thousands of players on a single server browsing awry fighting dragons and other mythological beasts claiming unknown islands in their own glory this is an enticing program for young sailors. Before launching into the water you will have to go through the character creation box and choose between a PvP or PvE server. The difference obviously lies in the fact that other players can constantly attack what can be embarrassing especially when you are not used to this kind of video games. Regarding the character creation tool it seems at the time rather complete but ultimately little varied. It is possible to have fun playing the cosmetic surgeon by making full retouches on the body of his avatar but the usual distinctive elements struggle to be different. All characters will have the same haircut and only the length will vary. In terms of customization we remain a little on our hunger.

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