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January 14, 2018 5:02 pm  

Ark has had its ups and downs sins its start on xbox game preview with a lot of bugs and glitches but that wont stop me from saying this.

  • Ark is damn hard if your by yourself if you havent playd it yet preper to die a lot of times even if your with friends its hard but easyer than going at it alone and a lot more fun.
  • Before you start you will have to choose a map here you have a few options you got your free maps TheIsland, TheCenter and Ragnarok and there is the seasonpass maps ScorchedEarth and the newest Aberration
  • You start completely naked no tools no food
  • 1st thing you have to do if you start playing the game is figure out the buttons if you cant find it in settings but with this i will help you by posting img at the end of this post.
  • 2nd ting is start collecting stones from the ground and hit some trees for wood and thatch aswell as piking berrys witch you can eat when your food bar go down berrys are good for a few levels but after that you have to kill dinos and animals for meat just remember to cock it in a fire before eating.
  • 3rd crafting equiptment and gear to help you stay alive.

When i first started playing ark i died almost 60 times an hour if not more untill i learnd the mechanics. In the start i dident know that runing draind my stamina that again draind my fluid lvl and that was a big part of my deaths that and hunger and eating raw meat but hey we all had to be noobs at the game at some point. At first i playd on live servers where i dident know enyone and it was hard to find a safe plase to start settle down, but as i got better at the game things got more fun and as friends joind in it got easyer and even more fun. Go on hunting party after new dinos to tame and exploratin of the maps there is still much i havent uncovered. Its a game i could sitt and play for hours aslong as i have someone to play with.

All in all its a amazing game that can only get better with time if i had to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10 its for me at this moment in time a 7.5 it still got lots that needs fixing but it has been worse.

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